Adult Jokes In Kid Cartoons! (Gumball, The Loud House, Adventure Time) (2023)


Adult Jokes In Kid Cartoons! (Gumball, The Loud House, Teen Titans Go)
The amazing world of gumball, Teen titan and Teen titans Go, Adventure Time and even Gravity falls are on this list. Welcome to Calobi Productions
These dirty jokes are just crazy


What did you guys do what is this mess? I can't even take a shower around here, without you guys screwing things up kid.

Cartoon shows have no chill.

There are some things in these episodes that we totally missed when we were younger.

But now that we're all adults.

Oh boy is there something to see here after watching this list you are going to be so confused as to how the writers somehow managed to get this past production and the networks guys we're going super crazy on this list.

I found some really dirty jokes from these cartoons.

And today, we're going to go through them together today, we're going to be looking at cartoons from all across the board, ranging from cartoon network, all the way up to the disney channel let's go on to our first one.

Thank you for saving my kingdom.

Boys the deer wanted our sugar, but I didn't give him any if you know what I mean, what kind of sugar is she talking about princess bubblegum made it pretty clear that the deer wanted some sugar, but I think it's obvious to the viewer, the only sugar.

He wanted was the sugar between her between her and the other characters seeing as they're all covered in sugar.

But is this a joke is this a dirty joke, her mannerisms and tone of voice says it all let's go on.

You are not the only one with powerful eyes.


But I bet I'm, the only one with see-through vision, nice animation, I'm talking about the animation.

Teen titans, the original show had a dirty joke in it.

The character is able to see through clothing, wow.

He wasn't even concerned about the fight there, buddy, he's concerned about unraveling some things.

And I didn't notice this when I was younger, but that's a crazy joke, very clever ryder is very clever.

But it does make me question.

This guy because that's kind of weird to do let's.

Go on.

Okay, you can play this right? You spin.

It goes in my butt.

Oh, I like how the background music is so peaceful in this one, when the other previous clips were just, but this one, you got a peaceful tone as literally tells the main characters finn and jake to put it in his butt.

Now the thing about this clip is is that this is an innocent clip.

But if you're thinking, I don't know what to say about this one okay, I'm, not even gonna attempt to say anything realistically.

This is how technology works, especially the device he is.

This is how it works.

You have to put it in the back side.

So I understand why he would say that he's an instant character, but even finn and jake had to kind of question and say, okay, wait hold on a second.

Now, what are we doing here? Exactly effort? We're just gonna do it and put it in interesting interesting? Well, this was definitely an adult joke thrown in in cartoon network.

This is so exciting now I'm gonna give you guys a caution.

The next one I'm about to show you is crazy so fresh and fruity.

Oh boy.

What is stuck in her booty guys? I don't know, she says, there's junk in there, some kind of device I'm, not gonna go in depth.

And the way she moaned at the end is super sauce what's going on dipper, ah, you're at that creepy age where you spy on girls, huh? The funniest thing about this clip is this is actually mabel in dipper's body.

But take a look at this crazy conversation, the birds and the bees, you know, I I I should really be no way out of it.

Look it.

All begins with this little fella.

The pituitary gland, he may be little, but he has big plans.

He may be little, but he has big plans.

Whatever was taught that day had to have been scientific.

The man brought out a freaking book.

My guy, why am I sweaty? A book sat him down her and taught her about the pituitary gland.

It doesn't get crazier than this.

This show is freaking hilarious.

This is comedy gold right here.

And of course, it did a little jump cut because they're not going to go too much in depth.

What exactly was he talking about the birds and the bees, I don't think that's what mabel wanted to hear not even dipper would want to hear this right now margaret.

And I used to argue like that sometimes up to six times a day from first thing in the morning until last thing at night, don't let this clip fool you because this guy is not talking about arguing with his wife I'm, telling you it sounds like he's talking about something else that he was doing with his wife.

Let's, take a little closer.

Look occasionally, we'd do it in public.

Once even while we were sleeping can someone explain to me? Why this man is laughing when he's quote-unquote telling a story about him, quote-unquote arguing with his wife, there weren't arguing, I think this is an adult joke.

Oh man, you know, I'm noticing a complete lack of balls in this room.

Oh, no soccer balls.

No footballs, no baseballs.

No balls.

Good thing.

I brought my own the loud house by far is one of the most kitty cartoons more true to the nature of this video.

But even they had some adult dirty jokes thrown in, especially in some of the earlier seasons, as we see the character lynn loud is talking about balls and lincoln loud looks confused because she said, there was a lack of it.

Now we all know in the real world, a lack of balls means a lack of the package brother, you're, not tough.

But it looks like this was a diversion, not even really directed towards lincoln loud.

And it was an adult joke let's go on besides if I drive a group of boys to the movies in this outfit, they'll, arrest me, timmy, turner's, dad caught me off guard here because I busted out laughing when I saw this, because I did not think that nickelodeon was even allowed to like that.

I mean, that's such a touchy subject, a really messed up situation.

But comedy has no boundaries that was insane fastest man alive, which might explain why you can't get a date.

Yeah, hey.

I like how the flash didn't even realize he got burned so badly by her.

The guy was like, yeah, you're, right.


So cool, hey, wait a minute that's.

A burn, I can finish wait, no, I get.

I don't really finish fast.

That's that's.

Not me.

I I can get a date, but she called him out.

And you know, she called him out.

She burned him, pretty bad because he was getting a little bit too confidence.

Man, you know, cockiness is not the best look on a superhero.

If you want to be a superhero, you want to chill on the cockiness, be humble save people, but she got him and that's.

Why that was number one on the list.

Thank you guys for watching this video.

And you guys have a wonderful rest of your day.

We are at the end of the video now guys.

I just want to address some things that I needed to address in a separate video.

But I just decided to put in here, because I don't like making like sad videos every time.

So I just wanted to say I've been gone for youtube for a while, because I had some health problems, pretty much I'm gonna make this as quick as possible.

I had pressure in my chest left area.

And it felt like I was passing out paramedics were called they checked me out.

And we got to the bottom of it because it really did feel like I was dying, besides.

I've been having health problems for the last month.

So when I have physical problems, I really don't feel like making youtube videos as much as I love.


I really do not care about it when it's like transcending into the real world.

But I also have some other bad news.

My animator also had some problems.

You know on the mental health side as in, you know, he's dealing with a lot of stuff.

You know, grief and I'm, not gonna give his information away.

But he is, you know, the projects everything just got pretty much delayed.

So we know we're both taking our times I told him, he can even like pause, slash or cancel the project but guys, I still have good news.

I know I told you guys some serious bad news right now.

But the good news is that I'm good, you know, he's in the process of healing.

And also throughout all this time I've been gone.

I actually found and get this guys really good news.

I found and recovered my old movie files.

Yes, I am a 3d animator.

I was working on a movie a couple years.

Back remember, I said, I got my files deleted, but guys I recovered.

Most of them.

Yes, guys.

I studied 3d animation.

And I worked with an entire group all the audio files and script were already completed years ago.

So I'm chilling on that.

So I'm gonna just keep working.

I've been working on it in my down time when I didn't have time to make a youtube video.

And I had a lot of original characters that I drew that just never no one even knows about this.

But if you actually look at my banner, you can actually see a character who was peculiar who's random.

No one knows that is is, I was gonna be a main character working on it I'll, try to keep you guys updated anyway.

Thank you guys for watching.

Thank you guys for being patient.

You guys are so awesome.


See you guys later.

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