Mara’s Tofu With Mixed Grains Recipe (2024)



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We regularly make the Broiled Tofu recipe from "The Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home," using low sodium soy sauce, sesame oil and grapeseed oil for the marinade. We skip the step of pressing the extra-firm tofu and it comes out of the oven crisp and dense with a savory, smoky flavor. Even our picky son loves it. With sauteed kale and brown basmati rice it makes a great weeknight supper.


I was intrigued by this recipe, which sounds delicious, but was not familiar with Bragg's liquid aminos, so looked it up. The Bragg's site gives the 'the Average Nutritional Breakdown per 1/2 Teaspoon as:...• Natural Sodium 160 mg...'So 6 Tsp of this ingredient alone amounts to almost 6 grams of sodium, or 1.5 grams per serving, about 50% more than the recommended daily maximum intake. Just be aware if you need to limit sodium. Regular soy sauce is the same, BTW.

Prakash Nadkarni

I've found that the simplest way to season tofu is to add about 1 tablespoon of Chinese fermented bean curd (functionally the same as Japanese Miso, but a lot cheaper) to the tofu when it is about half- fried, mashing and spreading it so that it seasons the tofu uniformly. Regular vegetable oil can substitute for coconut oil, and halving the amount of oil saves you the trouble of draining the tofu after frying.


I regularly cook tofu by melting butter and putting ginger or garlic in the butter. Then pour the melted butter over sliced tofu in a baking pan, sprinkle with nutritional yeast and bake until crispy. Sometimes I add a little soy sauce if the butter is unsalted.


Two extras- I learned to freeze fresh ginger as soon as I buy it. So when I need it I take it out, run it under hot water for 10 seconds and grate it directly into the dish I’m making. It is much quicker that way. Also, used sea salt instead of table salt. It was great.


Tried this last night for the first time and really enjoyed it. The tofu crisped up nicely and provided a great salty-sweet contrast to the nuttiness of the rice and quinoa. It also warmed up well as a second-day lunch.We used snow peas, added sesame seeds to the rice mix for a little extra flavor, and finished it off with a squeeze of lime, but otherwise followed the directions as above. For next time, I'd modify the marinade to include a little sesame oil and some fresh grated ginger.


Good God--how in the world are you possibly able to enjoy food and cooking with such an analysis?

Rachel Goodman

"Hippie tofu" as I know it starts with the firmest tofu you can find. Press it in a towel to squeeze out some excess moisture, slice thin or cut into small squares, dip in tamari soy sauce and then dredge in plenty of nutritional yeast- (taking care of excess liquid thereby); sample yeast first to make sure it's not a bitter brand.It should be bright yellow and good tasting. Fry crisp and use ketchup if needed. Some even melt cheese on top.

Autumn from Minneapolis

Second time making: I sautéed some baby kale in the pan used to fry the tofu (1 pkg) and when that was done, fried a few eggs. Then I divvied up the rice, tofu, kale among several low bowls, topped each with a fried egg, and drizzled all lightly with a homemade Sriracha mayo. Delicious—no longer dry and sturdy enough for a meal. The rice/quinoa pilaf only needs 20 minutes; otherwise it’s somewhat mushy. If you stick to the 5 minute marinade time, the tofu is perfectly seasoned. Not too salty.


I made this because it evoked the days before The Silver Palate Cookbook, when Bragg's was a common pantry ingredient, Balsamic vinegar was not, and fried tofu passed as dinner party fare. I made it for meatless Monday, cooking rice and quinoa together in the Instapot for 10 minutes. The tofu does indeed absorb the flavor of the Bragg's and gets salty-sweet and crisp. Cilantro is nice. We all felt wholesomely nourished, but no one is clamoring to add it to the weekly rotation.


Was excited to make this but a huge disappointment and I followed the directions as written.


Since you're draining away the excess after marinating it should come out to somewhat less than that in the final dish.


I'll be honest: I think Samin's recipes are usually great, but this one was a miss.Not a "quick weeknight comfort meal" for me. Frying the tofu meant it was novel & delicious, but it also meant I had a terrible cleanup after dinner and an apartment that smelled like fried coconut. I appreciate the textural contrast but I'd saute it next time, or roast it, and then add another element for textural contrast (toasted sesame seeds & roasted nuts?). "Comfort" was the last thing on my mind eating this


Haven't yet this tried, but for sodium reduction, coconut aminos, gluten free, and a frequent sub for soy sauce, has 90 mg. sodium per tsp.


This was perfect. I served it with roasted broccoli, sliced avocado, and a dollop of gochujang. Using carbon steel and a slick of avocado oil, I got zero tofu stickage. A sprinkle of rice wine vinegar over the bowl at the end is also very nice.


Makes no sense in this regard: neither jasmine rice nor quinoa takes 40 minutes to cook


I made this in my mom's perfect cast iron pan, just like the recipe calls for. It was perfect. Served with sesame oil and Sriachi sauce, some green onions and ginger I sautéed in another pan, and some leftover short grain sushi rice I'd made the day before, heated in the microwave. Salty, flavorful, and quick. If you don't mess with the tofu while it's frying, after six minutes in the pan it's perfect. Quick and flavorful.


Wow this is my new favorite way to cook tofu!! I've made this now two days in a row and am in awe of how simple yet totally delectable it is. The real stand out is the interplay of the tofu, Braggs and coconut oil. The tofu gets perfectly crisp on the outside yet the inside is creamy and luscious. I think it's important to be sure to use medium-firm tofu because the right texture is key. I had brown rice on hand so that's what I used instead of quinoa and jasmine. THANK YOU SAMIN!

George K.

I use Bragg's and have made a lot of marinated tofu, but with mixtures of spices etc., not straight Bragg's. This came out way too salty for me. I was a bit cavalier and might have left it to marinate for too long, so be careful. Also, one of my tofu blocks had been previously frozen (to give it a meaty texture) and that one turned out to have absorbed even more of the Braggs.


Has anyone tried subbing olive oil for the coconut oil AND soy sauce for the Braggs? I’ve seen a lot of soy sauce subs but nothing about the oil.


This is how I've cooked my tofu, with avocado oil and the addition of sesame oil and seeds, at the end, for many years, almost to the letter. I adapted it from the Moosewood Cookbook, too. I pair it with rice and greens, also, like the cooks' comment below. I will try it with coconut oil next time! A sublime, quick and healthy supper. I'm glad to know that "creative minds think alike". Thank you.


To have practically fresh ginger on hand at all times,I store chunks of ginger in alcohol (usually dry sherry). Put chunks in mason jar and fill with sherry. Store in fridge. Keeps a very long time. The sherry is not discernible in whatever recipe I am making. The ginger has a very fresh texture.I have tried freezing, but the ginger gets mushy


I don't have Bragg's - could I use soy sauce or fish sauce to the same effect?


I use low sodium soy sauce as well as the Braggs aminos, to great effect.


I have failed at frying tofu too many times to attempt this recipe as-is. Baking until crispy is fool proof!


Coconut aminos is a good low sodium alternative to soy sauce. Available at many grocery stores as well as Trader Joe’s own brand. TJs is 200mg sodium per Tablespoon, significantly lower than the sodium content of low sodium soy sauce.

Liz L

Has anyone tried with firm tofu? Have been struggling to find medium and wondering if it would still work well...


A weeknight (meatless Monday) favorite for our family - including young kids. I cube the tofu for a firmer bite, and add any fresh steamed veg we have on hand. Have substituted soy/sesame oil when I’m out of amino, and I bet coconut aminos would add a slightly sweeter twist. Easy and delicious.

Judy Antell

put a little crack dressing on the rice. served with roasted broccoli and sauteed kale (sauteed in the same pan as the tofu)


Really loved the addition of quinoa to the rice. They cooked together perfectly in my Staub. After reading records about the tofu tasting salty from the marinade, I instead made a 1:1 marinade of Braggs liquid Aminos and Coconut Aminos. I like texture to my tofu so I sometimes dust with cornstarch. I know it negates some of the health benefits of this meal and adds an extra step but it’s worth it. Family enjoyed it (including my 5 year old)!

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Mara’s Tofu With Mixed Grains Recipe (2024)
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