10+ Fun Family Activities That Will Make You LOL (2024)

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These fun family activities will have you laughing in no time together as a family as an added bonus you all will be bonding in no time! Try out these family games at home and other fun activities!

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Family Games At Home

Family Activities to Strengthen Relationships

Family is truly wonderful. They are the ones we go to that can truly help us feel connected and anchored in our lives. They help us feel true love and bonding. And being with family is where we learn how to communicate and build strong relationships with other humans.

Sure, there are many times when we need to be serious, but there are many times when we need to have fun together! Fun times really help a family bond! But have you ever really had so much fun that you spend the whole night laughing and snorting?

Check out these fun family activities and games that will cause your stomach to hurt from laughing so hard!

Fun and Easy Family Activities

Who’s Most Likely To

Ready to laugh like crazy? Then you will definitely want to play Who’s Most Likely To. In this game, you will get to decide who is most likely to do some really strange and silly things as well as everyday fun things!

Simon Says

If you have kids then you are no stranger to Simon Says, but have you introduced them to all kinds of Simon Says ideas that will get them moving, wiggling, and giggling?! The hardest part of this list is when Simon has to choose from the awesome list of ideas.

Truth Or Dare

As a mom, I know you are probably cringing with the thought of truth or dare, but these clean truth or dare questions are perfect for family game night! You and the kids will have a blast finding out all kinds of truths and doing dares with one another. If you have teenagers, be sure to introduce them to these truth or dare questions for teens.

Would You Rather

Would you rather eat cake for the rest of your life or never eat cake again? This and many more would you rather questions are on our awesome list of would you rather questions! Kids love these and they have a blast answering the questions and require minimal effort from parents. They are perfect to keep on hand in the car as well. If your kids are huge fans be sure to introduce them to Would You Rather Disney or Would You Rather Winter Edition for even more fun!


Did someone say Twister family game night? You will love this bigger mat version that is compatible with Alexa so everyone can play! Follow up the laughter with a late-night Taco Bell run and it is a match made in heaven for my kids.

Start a YouTube Channel

This one is so much fun to do because you can do it all together with all different ages and skill levels. You can make a video about how to play a board game or just do a funny dance together.If YouTube isn’t your thing, try to become TikTok famous in a weekend!


If your acting skills are like mine, well you are guaranteed a million and a half laughs. Grab some charades ideas and get playing. Choose from family charades, baby charades, animal charades, and more for lots of laughs all night long. And if the holidays are upon you garb Halloween Charades, Thanksgiving charades, or our Christmas charades.

Cookie on Your Face

Grab those Oreos and give one to everyone in the family. As soon as someone says go everyone races to get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. The first person to successfully do it wins!


Karaoke is another one of those great activities that are perfect to get your family laughing! You can grab an inexpensive Karaoke microphone with built-in songs, get the whole karaoke machine, or pretend with your hairbrush! Either way your family will be having loads of fun together!

Have a Joke Contest

Who has the funniest joke that makes everyone laugh? Well, now is the time to find out! If you need help finding a joke, no problem we have jokes covered for you! Gran one off our list of jokes!

  • Lunch Box Jokes
  • Funny Lunch Box Jokes
  • Earth Day Jokes for Kids
  • Fall Lunch Box Jokes
  • Halloween Lunch Box Jokes
  • Thanksgiving Lunch Box Jokes
  • Christmas Lunch Box Jokes
  • Spring Jokes
  • Pirate JokesEaster Jokes
  • Gardening Jokes
  • Fish Jokes
  • Apple Jokes
  • Bowling Jokes
  • Pig Jokes
  • Bacon Jokes
  • Lemon Joke
  • Road Trip Jokes
  • The Best Graduation Jokes

What are your favorite fun family activities? Share in the comments so we can add them to the list!

10+ Fun Family Activities That Will Make You LOL (2)

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10+ Fun Family Activities That Will Make You LOL (2024)


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