Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards! 100 Ideas! (2024)

Need ideas for Christmas sayings for signs? Here are 100+ phrases that would be perfect for DIY Christmas signs or your holiday letter board!

One of my favorite things to do every holiday season is browse around local craft festivals in our area to gather ideas and inspiration for my next DIY project. Everyone there is so creative, and I love wandering around for hours like a kid in a pumpkin-spiced amusem*nt park.

This year, some of my favorite craft booths featured adorable handmade signs with all kinds of Christmas sayings on them. Some were–ahem–less than appropriate, but others were downright hilarious. You can always reel me in with a good Christmas pun. Just sayin’.

If you’re like me and love the hand-stenciled sign idea but don’t love the price tag that goes along with it, there’s good news! You can make your own holiday sign with just a few inexpensive items from your local craft store. After all, I made these adorable DIY wood slice ornaments by scavenging in my backyard!

To give you a little inspiration (and perhaps a chuckle or two), I’ve rounded up 100+ Christmas Sayings for Signs that you can use for countless DIY Christmas crafts. Give your creations as gifts or use them to spruce up your front door, dining room, or entryway. Then, when your guests ask where you found such a treasure, you can just shrug and say, “Oh that little old thing? Just something I whipped up!”

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Where To Use These Christmas Sign Sayings

Christmas sign sayings are such a versatile idea, and you can hand-stencil or use your Cricut maker to put them on almost anything! Here are some of my favorite ways to use them:

DIY Christmas Signs

You can easily create your own DIY Christmas sign with the saying of your choice! If you have a Cricut machine, then all it takes is a blank wooden sign, some inexpensive acrylic paint or vinyl, and an SVG file with the sayings of your choice. You can also take a stab at creating your own SVGs as well (if you have the time and know-how).

Or, if you don’t have a Cricut machine, you can also make your own DIY Signs without stencils! I’ve got a detailed DIY farmhouse wood sign tutorial here for how I made these awesome signs:

Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards! 100 Ideas! (2)

Letter Boards

Letter boards are THE simplest way to use as many Christmas sign sayings as you want, and the only time it takes is how many minutes you spend switching out the letters. We have a letter board in our kitchen that my husband and I use to exchange funny notes, and I love being able to repurpose it for the holiday season.

100 Christmas Sign Sayings

Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards! 100 Ideas! (3)

Common Christmas Sayings for Signs

  • Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
  • Tis the Season
  • Be Merry and Bright
  • It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  • Believe in the Magic of Christmas
  • Merry Christmas
  • Season’s Greetings
  • Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses
  • Happy Holidays
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Let it Snow
  • Holly Jolly
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – I actually have this Christmas sign saying in a printable template… that’s what I used to make this super cute DIY scroll sign:
Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards! 100 Ideas! (4)
  • It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  • Sleigh Bells Ring
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • Jingle Bells
  • Be Jolly
  • Happy Ho Ho Ho to You
  • Don’t Stop Believing
  • Believe
  • Jingle All the Way
  • Merry and Bright
  • Love. Peace. Joy.
  • Merry Christmas – You can’t forget about this classic Christmas saying for signs! This simple wording would be perfect for a holiday sign for your front door like this Dollar Tree DIY Christmas sign I made recently:
Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards! 100 Ideas! (5)

Funny Christmas Sayings for Signs

These Christmas sign sayings would be great for a letter board:

Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards! 100 Ideas! (6)
  • You Serious Clark?
  • Elf Size
  • OCD-Obsessed Christmas Disorder
  • Powered by Candy Canes
  • Jingle Bells, Batman Smells
  • Official Cookie Tester
  • In a World Full of Grinches, be a Cindy Lou
  • This Year, I’m Giving Opinions Instead of Presents
  • It’s Beginning to Cost a Lot Like Christmas
  • Messy and Bright
  • I’m Only a Morning Person on Christmas
  • OMG Becky, Look at Her Tree
  • Let it Snow–Somewhere Else
  • Here Comes Amazon! Here Comes Amazon! Right Down My Driveway.
  • Nice Until Proven Naughty
  • Christmas Calories Don’t Count
  • Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle
  • Still Merry and Still Masked
  • Too Cute to Wear Ugly Sweaters – One of my personal favorites!
  • Nice-ish
  • But First, Presents

Christmas Puns for Signs

Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards! 100 Ideas! (7)
  • Oh Deer, Christmas is Here!
  • Sleigh All Day
  • Sweet But Twisted–Does that Make Me a Candy Cane?
  • You’d Better Santatize!
  • Gangsta Wrapper
  • This Christmas is Lit
  • Sleigh My Name, Sleigh My Name
  • I Make it Rein
  • Shake It Like a Snow Globe
  • Here Comes Santa Claws
  • Fleece Navidad
  • Dachsund Through the Snow
  • Happy Howlidays
  • Silent Knight, Holy Knight
  • But First, Let Me Take an Elf-ie
  • All I Want for Christmas is Ewe
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peas
  • Christmas Thyme is Here
  • O’Come Lettuce Adore Him
  • Up to Snow Good

Religious Christmas Sayings for Signs

Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards! 100 Ideas! (8)
  • True Love Was Born in a Stable
  • The Heart of Christmas is Christ
  • For Unto Us a Child is Born
  • Christmas Begins With Christ
  • Angels We Have Heard On High
  • Joy to the World
  • Silent Night
  • Oh Holy Night
  • Glory to God in the Highest
  • Oh Come Let Us Adore Him
  • Peace on Earth
  • Repeat the Sounding Joy
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace
  • All is Calm, All is Bright
  • Let Earth Receive Her King
  • The Weary World Rejoices
  • Let There Be Peace on Earth
  • Silent Night, Holy Night
  • Glory to the Newborn King
  • Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Christmas Sayings about Santa

  • Ho! Ho! Ho!
  • I Love Santa
  • Dear Santa–Define Good
  • Dear Santa–I Can Explain
  • Be Naughty–Save Santa the Trip
  • Dear Santa, It Was Just a Phase
  • Dear Santa, Just Leave Your Credit Card Under the Tree
  • Dear Santa, Stop Judging Me
  • Be Good or I Will Text Santa
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • Dear Santa, I Regret Nothing
  • Dear Santa, It Was the Cat
  • Santa, Please Stop Here
  • Santa, Why You Be Judgin’?
  • Dear Santa, I’m Too Cute for the Naughty List
  • I Believe in Santa Clause
  • It’s All Fun and Games ‘Til Santa Checks the Naughty List

How to Make Christmas Signs with Sayings

Once you’ve picked out your favorite Christmas sayings for signs, then you may need some tutorials for actually creating your handcrafted masterpieces! Here are some of my favorite ways to make homemade signs, for your inspiration.

Just click on the posts below for 3 different step-by-step sign making tutorials:

  • DIY Farmhouse Wood Signs – These were the very first farmhouse wood signs that I ever created, and they still hang on my living room wall 4 years later!
  • DIY Cheap Canvas Sign with Homemade Frame – Learn how to turn inexpensive value-pack canvases from the craft store into beautiful home decor!
  • DIY Scroll Sign – I created this awesome paper scroll using a kraft paper roll and my DIY sign templates:
Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards! 100 Ideas! (9)

Or of course, if you want to go the easy route (the holidays are stressful enough, right?!), then try some Christmas sign stencils like these! Just tape the pre-made stencil to a blank wood sign and paint over it with acrylic paint.

I know you can’t wait to get started with making your own DIY Christmas sign, and I can’t blame you! It’s the perfect holiday decoration to deck your halls with, and it can also be a thoughtful gift for those you love.

Happy crafting!

Christmas Sayings for Signs and Letter Boards!  100 Ideas! (2024)
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