Spoiler Alert: General Hospital’s Jason Finally Reveals Where He’s Been and What Brought Him Back! (2024)

Warning: This story contains major spoilers regarding theGeneral Hospitalepisode which aired on Thursday, March 14!

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One thingGeneral Hospitalhas definitely gotten right where Steve Burton’s return as Jason is concerned? Throwing him directly into the action. All too often, soaps try and drag this type of return out, having the character in question lurk in the shadows and spy on their loved ones before the inevitable moment in which they reveal their resurrection.

But that wasn’t going to do where Jason’s return was concerned. After all, it’s not like this is the first time the character has returned from the dead. So wisely, the first time we saw Jason he was right in the thick of the action — and setting tongues wagging as he appeared to be one of the people behind the attacks on Sonny! With only Carly standing firm in her belief that Jason would never, ever harm Sonny, two very big questions remain to be answered: Where has Jason been these past two years, and why has he returned now?

How the people who know Jason best could even contemplate that he tried to kill Sonny and shot Dante astounds me. Only Carly doesn’t doubt him & has unconditional faith in Jason. That’s true friendship. There HAS to be an explanation to justify his presence there. #GH

— Alara Fair (@Just_Alara) March 12, 2024

Interestingly, Burton has admitted that this wasn’t the story he originally signed on for, thanks to the fact that writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor were replaced by the new headwriting team of Patrick Mulchaey and Elizabeth Korte, whose material should begin airing any day now.

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Meanwhile, the two most significant women in Jason’s life — Sam and Elizabeth — are each at major crossroads. Sam now knows her ex is alive — a fact she discovered while current beau Dante fights for his life — and Elizabeth, though still in the dark about Jason’s return, is on pretty solid ground with Finn. Something tells us both of these ladies could soon find themselves — and their relationship — on shake ground thanks to this earth-shattering development!

Spoiler Alert: General Hospital’s Jason Finally Reveals Where He’s Been and What Brought Him Back! (2)

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Here’s Where Jason Has Been!

At long last, we got answers — or at least some — when Michael brought Jason fresh clothing and, when the long-missing man stripped down, noticed a Jesus tattoo. Naturally, this left the younger man with a few questions. And slowly, with clear reservations, Jason began to tell at least part of his story. Obviously, as we’ve all pieced together by now, he did not actually die in that tunnel collapse. However, the rubble prevented him from reconnecting with the others who were on the island. So instead, he went a different way and wound up on the beach.

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It was there that he was greeted by several men with guns. Who? Jason told Michael he wasn’t able to share that info. He did, however, reveal that he was flown out of Greece and locked up in a room with no windows. Eventually, he was able to communicate with someone who made him a job offer he couldn’t refuse. Why? Because of the leverage the man used as a bargaining chip.

Of course, Jason was unwilling to tell Michael what that leverage was, saying only that ever since, he’d been working as a “military contractor.” (Brennan, might that be you?) His latest assignment teamed him with another man, and they were to take out Sonny. Once Jason learned the identity of their target, he made sure the shot fired missed.

Asked if he would have returned to Port Charles had he not been given this particular assignment, Jason admitted he wasn’t sure. However, he added that the job he’d been given wasn’t yet done… and that if he failed to complete the mission, something bad would happen. “Something I can’t live with,” he said, sounding almost haunted. “I have to finish it!”

The biggest shock, however, came in the episode’s final moments, when Jason reflected on what went down and we discovered the identity of the person who’d given him his orders: It was none other than John “Jagger” Cates, who was holding him at Quantico and revealed that he had indisputable proof regarding RICO violations which would carry a 20-year prison sentence!

Need to brush up on who plays who and how everyone in Port Charles is connected? Check out our guide to the cast and character via the gallery below!

Spoiler Alert: General Hospital’s Jason Finally Reveals Where He’s Been and What Brought Him Back! (2024)
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